Hey Happy Monday! Lots to share today:
1. Help based in New York-ThriftyHoghttp://ping.fm/Vu8Mq has gently used items, employment help and more. Please go to site to see if you can help them or get help from them. Everyone needs a helping hand now and then. It’s not a cold world after all!
2.Oprah.com lifeclass help for all. Visit the site to see if you will be interested in helping yourself heal.
3.Cheerio.com has American Military cheer card!
4.Win 7,011.00 711 of Hawaii sweeps-see what’s happeing in your State.
5.HawaiiBookMusic.org for next year too!
6.Need help with a defiant child? HelpDefiantKids.com has a program. See what it’s all about.
7.Need dental care? Try and see if dentalplans.com with their sign-up bonuses can help you and your family and friends.
8.YMCAOahu.org had a self defense class-wellness@ywcaoahu.org! What a wonderful community! See what they have in your community.
Happy Monday!

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